Office & Business  Communication is key

Pontinho Banners, posters, mounted graphics, and wall murals: signs that get you closer to your customer and guarantee a great outlasting impression

PontinhoPostcards, flyers, and business cards: essential printings to market your business

PontinhoA-signs, outdoor banners, window graphics, car magnets: ensure you’re also noticed from outside

PontinhoFrosted Vinyl: create private environments

Home Décor                              Feeling unique   

PontinhoCanvas:  customized or from our portfolio. Cheer up and add an exclusive touch to your space

PontinhoFull color and removable wall vinyl: create a fairy tale kingdom or a rocket ship adventure in your kid’s room

PontinhoVinyl patterns: add a special touch to that outdated furniture

 Events                                       Taking fun to another level

PontinhoMurals, banners, decals, and posters:  a complete line of customized products to make your party unique and unforgettable

PontinhoCustomized coasters, placematstablecloths, and runners will add character to your table


What we offer and stand for:

  • PROJECT CUSTOMIZATION: We work together with you on the best design and produce the quantities that serve your specific needs
  • QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY: From the materials to project execution we take no short-cuts and deliver what we promise

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  • AFFORDABLE PRICES:  Our low operating costs allow us to offer very affordable prices 
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE:  We see our clients as business partners and a life long relationship is our goal